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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Healthy Living with Nic Watson


Why go Private ?


Generic Advice

Perhaps you're tired of the same advice that doesn't seem to fit your unique situation or bring about any change in your life.


Lack of Personal Attention

In group settings, you may find it difficult to gain the personal attention you need for your development.


Difficulty Overcoming Personal Struggles

You might be facing challenges in managing stress, seeking emotional balance, or unlocking your full potential.



Ready for a more personalized approach to your spiritual and physical well-being?


Want someone who really LISTENS to you ?




Say goodbye to generic advice and one-size-fits-all solutions.


Picture a path crafted exclusively for you, mantras, mudras and blessings

guided by a dedicated specialist deeply invested in your growth.


Whether it's a personal yoga teacher or spiritual mentor,

expect transformation tailored to your unique journey.


Unlike standard classes or self-guided practices,

these sessions are laser-focused on your individual needs and aspirations.


With Nic Watson's expertise in bodywork and yoga,

expect a reflective experience,

that is finely tuned to your unique needs.

My Four Sacred Pillars

I’m guessing that you are a spiritual seeker, looking for answers

to the BIGGG questions while trying to navigate this earthly experience with some kind of grace and dignity.

As an energy practitioner, intuitive guide and coach,

I listen deeply to and feel into the truths underneath your words.

There is deep wisdom that I strongly believe

emerges from the physical body and is carried through

the rhythms and waves of the energetic body.


We all deserve to " feel like ourselves" and deep down there is a wisdom that knows itself and its radiance.

We sometimes get lost and led astray.

That's ok.  Each of us have our own barriers and hurdles -

and it looks different for everyone.

Maybe you’re struggling with looking after your body,

maybe it’s addiction, maybe it’s a shocking life experience

or finances or relationships or you just want to take a step

towards a more aligned version of yourself. 


Whatever your reasons might be for needing help,

making a move in the right direction is the important part.

Finding the right space and space holder

to support you as you make changes and integrate is key.

If you are interested in living a life

that is more in tune with nature’s rhythms,

is intuitive, and aligned energetically with the highest version of you, then consider having a private session.

There are different ways to work together 

SINGLE SESSIONS : Scheduled or as needed


CHRYSALIS : a cocoon-like container

that includes 12 sessions and email support.

Through my work, I’ve been able to help many gifted souls.

After working with me, so many have shared stories of life-shifts

in how they view the world and themselves.

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