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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Healthy Living with Nic Watson

Meet Nic

Each Path is
Uniquely You-Nique

Whatever brings you here...


Whether it's navigating the aftermath of cancer treatment,


Or facing the whirlwind of life changes like divorce or loss,


Maybe you're craving a little extra boost

to feel your best again...


                                       has just the right tool for you.


Meet Nic

Certified Health Coach & Ayurvedic Nutritionist

My journey began with a profound desire to discover

my own power - to navigate a life through ease

rather than to struggle through life's twists and turns,

I can now decipher my own spiritual lessons.

Seeking guidance, I delved into learning the systems of

Ayurveda, Polarity Therapy, and Yoga,

embracing introspection and urging my intuition

to guide me toward aiding others.


From foundational steps to a Masters in Psychology,

through fifteen years of energy healing

and holistic balance study,

my life-work journey has been

anything but typical or easeful.


Yet, it's illuminated the essence of my human existence amidst challenges

like breast cancer, over-coming chronic pain through Ayurveda,

and learning to best utilize the current medical system.


Navigating life's storms – divorce, societal pressures, and personal battles – has equipped me to help others navigate theirs.


Discovering the life-affirming wisdom of Ayurveda

was like finding a lifeline in a stormy sea, realizing I wasn't alone

and that an energetic intelligence awaited my understanding.


Through teaching, bodywork, therapy sessions,

and creating online learning platforms,

I've touched the lives of countless seekers,

guiding them towards their own paths to peace.


With a commitment to clear intention, consistent practice,

and uplifting support,


I invite you to join me on a journey of                                  

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The Healthy Living Workshop

Not only did adopting the daily practices

that were aligned with my nature and big Nature

lead to my regaining stability mentally and physically but it also gave me a higher level of self-appreciation and understanding of wellness

that went way beyond the conventional.


Wanting to make a difference in the lives of others who were suffering from various types of pain,

I launched The                                  Program concentrating on bringing holistic wellness

with a spiritual twist to others.

Yoga will save your life

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